Weight gain diet is required by those whose weight is lower than the Ideal Body Weight. Hogging on junk, desserts and high-calorie foodstuffs will definitely lead to weight gain. But all these are empty calories without any nutrition. In the long run, these foods are more harmful to the body. Thus, we need to put on healthy weight which is nutritionally balanced.




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"Mrs Vibha Sinha had been suffering from obesity and diabeties. Just like any other Indian housewife, she had liking for various kinds of foods and found it difficult to take out time for workout. She enrolled for weight loss diet plan and lost about 16 kgs in 3 months. Now she is maintaining her health and weight."

- Mrs Vibha Sinha

"Neha Saxena, aged 29 years wasn’t able to loose weight post pregnancy. She found it difficult to focus on loosing weight while taking care of the little one. Once she enrolled for Healthcircle’s post pregnancy weight loss plan, she was able to shed 12 kgs within 3 months which made her feel more energetic and confident again."

- Neha Saxena

“A housewife from Noida, she consulted Healthcircle complaining of hypertension, joint pains and backache, weighing over 100 kgs. She is now maintaining her weight at 80 kgs and is free from most complaints.”

- Sumitra Tandon

“Shreyas, a young boy doing his graduation in economics was losing his confidence and self esteem and was not able to play his favorite games due to his obesity. His mother enrolled him to healthcircle weight loss plan. After losing 23 kgs he is now leading a normal social life.”

- Shreyas

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We are so obsessed with shedding those extra kilos that we forget about people on the other side. Increasing weight for some might be a child’s play, but then for others, it is too difficult. Hogging on junk, desserts and high-calorie foodstuffs will definitely lead to weight gain. But all these are empty calories without any nutrition. In the long run, these foods are more harmful to the body. Thus, we need to put on healthy weight which is nutritionally balanced.

Follow these few tips and it will become very easy to gain healthy weight.

1. When to consider yourself as underweight 

If your BMI is less than 18.5  you are considered as underweight. 

Underweight people are often malnourished. 

Women are more prone to being underweight than men. 

2. Reasons that contribute to the underweight issues 

  • Eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa.
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Celiac disease and Lactose intolerance
  • Diabetes
  • Infections such as parasitic, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS
  • Cancer
  • Lifestyle challenges: Irregular and late working hours, smoking and drinking habits due to peer pressure, or social pressure or individual preference.

3. Health risks of being underweight 

Underweight people have a severe risk of

  • Osteoporosis
  • Infections
  • Fertility problems (problems in conceiving)
  • Early Death


4. Dietary tips for healthy weight gain

  • Create a positive energy balance in the body: Gradually increase the caloric intake every few days till you reach a maximum of 500 calories extra than the calories you burn. This helps to gain weight faster.
  • Eat frequently: Add small snacks between 3 major meals of the day. 
  • Eat energy-dense foods: Consume smaller portion of food containing more calories. This doesn’t interfere with  the appetite of an individual and also solves the purpose of consuming extra calories. For example, Add cream in gravies, milk, desserts or even in roti to make it calorie dense. Also, instead of consuming plain milk you can add milk powder or mass gaining powder and drink that milk. Or else you can  try using dry fruits or creamy gravies or white sauces wherever possible to make a small portion calorie dense.
  • Balance your protein with carbohydrates: Every gram of protein eaten requires sufficient carbohydrates for its optimum utilization. Thus, consume protein sources with enough carbohydrate accompaniment. Combine your dals with rice like khichdi or consume milk with a small snack. Also, you can combine your eggs with either whole wheat bread or rotis. Try and avoid consuming any sole protein source at one time.
  • Consume good quality fat: Fat is a calorie dense macronutrient. Each gram has double the calories than protein or carbohydrates. Try incorporating good quality fat like omega 3 rich nuts, fish or oils. Also, full-fat cottage cheese (Paneer) or good quality cheese is allowed.
  • Weight training: This is not just for men. Women also need muscle training for a toned body. Each gram of muscle stores a minimum of 3 ml of water. With an increase in muscle bulk, there is more water stored in the body. This, in turn, reduces excess fat storage and increases lean muscle mass. Weight training three times a week gives us the required result.
  • Avoid drinking water before meals:  This reduces the appetite during meal timings and it becomes difficult to ingest required calories.
  • Use bigger plates:  Bigger plates automatically help in ingesting bigger portions of food.
  • Get enough sleep:  Adequate sleep helps with muscle growth and repair.
  • Avoid smoking: Smoking kills the appetite. This leads to weight loss. Quitting smoking itself helps in gaining weight.  


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