Pregnancy plays an important and crucial role in all spheres of women's life. If your body’s nutrient stores are insufficient then you might suffer from health issues during and after pregnancy. So,it is important to make sure that all your nutrient reserves are adequate, before you plan your pregnancy because a healthy body will have a healthy uterus and only then can you have a healthy hassle free pregnancy and a healthy baby. Our Diet plan will help you to prepare your body for a healthy conception and hassle free pregnancy.




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- Mrs Vibha Sinha

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- Neha Saxena

“A housewife from Noida, she consulted Healthcircle complaining of hypertension, joint pains and backache, weighing over 100 kgs. She is now maintaining her weight at 80 kgs and is free from most complaints.”

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Pre Pregnancy diet plays a very important and crucial role in women's life and health. If your body’s nutrient stores are insufficient then you might suffer from health issues during and after pregnancy. So,it is important to make sure that all your nutrient reserves are adequate, before you plan your pregnancy because a healthy body will have a healthy uterus and only then can you have a healthy hassle free pregnancy and a healthy baby.This diet plan will help you to prepare your body for conception.

This diet plan is adequate for an average Indian women. Even if you are suffering from thyroid or pcos, this diet plan is good to follow to prepare your body for pregnancy.

Health tips you should keep in mind while planning a pregnancy

1.     Weight: Keep a check on your weight. Maintain an ideal body weight to prevent hormonal imbalance which can cause difficulties in conceiving and may also lead to gestational diabetes or gestational hypertension during pregnancy.

2.     Exercise: Workout will help you in maintaining an ideal body weight, as well as it will strengthen your body muscles, improve your ovulatory cycle and will make your body fit yo carry a healthy pregnancy. You can do simple floor exercises or even 45 mins of brisk walk will be good.

3.     Calm and relaxed mind: Yoga asanas and meditation are also a good option as they strengthen you body and mind. Do whatever you feel happy in doing. Yoga and meditation controls the secretion of endorphins which helps in conceiving.

4.     Nutritious healthy food to replenish the nutrient stores of your body.


So let's talk about what these nutrients are, their benefits and sources.


Benefits to fetus -Folic acid plays an important role in production of fetal DNA and RNA. It also protects the fetus from neural tube defects. Reduces the risk of developing brain, spine, spinal cord and birth defects.

Benefits to the Mother – Folic acids helps in sustaining the pregnancy and reduces the risks of miscarriage and development of Anaemia in the expectant mother.

RDA during Pregnancy: 600 micrograms (mcg)

Best Food Sources of folic acid:  Palak, Methi, Shalgam leaves, Bhindi, Beans, Avocado, Lentils , Sprouts, Orange, Grapefruit



It is seen that females are already deficient in vitamin D due to lack of sunlight exposure. Since the baby fulfils its need of vitamin D from Mothers resources, her resources get depleted and after delivery she might become deficient in Vit-D resulting in backaches, knee and heel pains which may progress to osteoporosis.

Thus it is very important that before and after conceiving your Vit D levels should be good.

Benefits- It helps in better absorption of calcium by bones and teeth, improves immunity and also helps in maintaining normal blood sugar levels.

RDA during Pregnancy: 600 international units (IU)

Best sources of Vitamin D: Milk and Milk products like curd, Paneer, Fish , eggs and certain Vit D fortified food products and morning sunlight. 15 mins in the morning sun with bare hands and legs can help replenish your Vit- D stores.

If you are highly deficient in Vit D, it is advisable to take vit D granules, tabs or injects after consulting your doctor.



Benefits- This vitamin supports overall reproductive process.

Best sources of Vitamin E:Almonds, Sunflower seeds, Fish oil, Palak, Avocado



If you were on contraceptive pills prior to planning pregnancy there are chances that your Vit B6 levels might be low. 

Benefits- It is an important vitamin involved in reproduction process. It helps in general metabolism, liver detoxification and brain  health. It also improves immunity.

Best sources of Vitamin B6:Sunflower seeds, Fish, Chicken, Avocado, Spinach/ Palak, Banana



It is seen that most of the vegetarians are found to be deficient in Vit B 12. So its Important that you consume Vit B 12 before conceiving either through food sources or supplements suggested by your physician.

Benefits- Major function is the formation of DNA. Brain and nervous system health depends on B12 levels. It helps in better utilization of energy and protein. This is exclusively found in animal sources.

RDA during Pregnancy: 2.6 mcg

Best sources of Vitamin B12: Egg, Beef, Milk, Curd, Cheese, Fish, Red Meat



Iron is the most sensitive nutrient during pregnancy. 

Benefits to Baby –  Helps the baby to reach full term growth, reducing the risks of premature birth.

Benefits to Mother- Keeps you healthy and energetic and reduces the risks of developing anaemia.

RDA during Pregnancy:  27 mg; don’t exceed 45 mg

Best sources of Iron: 

Vegetarian- Palak, Beetroot, Beans, Dried raisins- Munakka, Apricot, Peas, Gur

Non Vegetarian- Red meat, Organ Meat like Liver, Pork, Egg, Seafoods- Halibut Fish, Oysters

Make sure to add some Vitamin C rich food in your diet when consuming iron rich food as Vitamin C helps in absorption of Iron.



Benefits- It helps in the absorption of iron and other nutrients. Improves immunity, and helps in detoxifying.

RDA during Pregnancy: 85 mg

Best sources of Vitamin C: Amla, Lemon, Bell Pepper- yellow, Red, Green Shimla Mirch, Papaya, Broccoli, Strawberries, kiwi, orange


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