Our diet plans are suitable for Type 1 , Type 2 diabetes, recently found diabetes and even for pre diabetics.
At Healthcircle we Aim at:
  • Controlling Blood Sugar Levels through diet and lifestyle changes
  • Providing you an exercise routine which suits your health and routine
  • Prevention of further complications
  • Preserving Organ Health and heart health
  • Attain ideal body weight ( Through Weight gain or weight loss)
  • To help you live a healthy life with no or minimum medication



    Fill the questionnaire


    Provide us your Latest medical reports


    Depending upon all these details your diet will be designed.


    We will guide you on workout requirements to reach the desired health target.


    Diet plan will be revised every 4-6 days, depending on the weight loss.


    We will follow up with you on the last day of every diet plan given to ensure that you are on the right track.


    Whatsapp usfor any queries regarding the diet plan or meals etc.


    • Personalized Diet Plan to suit your Cuisine and food preferences, timings, and constraints
    • Sustainable Weight Gain or Weight Loss as per medical recommendations.
    • Regular monitoring of Blood Sugar levels and other parameters.
    • No Starving, No missed meals, no products, detox or meal replacement shakes
    • No Side- Effects, No supplements, no powders, no tablets ( unless required or prescribed by your physician), no heat massages
    • Easy to Follow diet which can be easily prepared at home or arranged from the nearest food store
    • Whatsapp access for any queries regarding the diet plan or meals etc.

    Our diet is a combination of food and science, where we suggest foods which can be easily prepared at home or arranged from the nearest food store. We encourage you to eat local food. With our guidance and your efforts, together we can achieve the health goal.

    Diet Plans

    Start within 2 days of enrolling for a diet plan


    Rs. 4000

    • 6-7 lifestyle-based meal plans
    • Weight assessment after every week
    • Health Tips alert.
    • Weekly consultation with dietitian.
    • Choice of calorie-levels (1200-1500)
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    Rs. 10000

    • 21 lifestyle-based meal plans
    • Weight assessment after every week
    • Prompt Query solution on whatsapp.
    • Weekly Consultation with dietitian.
    • Health Tips alert.
    • A choice of calorie-levels (1200-1500)
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    "Mrs Vibha Sinha had been suffering from obesity and diabeties. Just like any other Indian housewife, she had liking for various kinds of foods and found it difficult to take out time for workout. She enrolled for weight loss diet plan and lost about 16 kgs in 3 months. Now she is maintaining her health and weight."

    - Mrs Vibha Sinha

    "Neha Saxena, aged 29 years wasn’t able to loose weight post pregnancy. She found it difficult to focus on loosing weight while taking care of the little one. Once she enrolled for Healthcircle’s post pregnancy weight loss plan, she was able to shed 12 kgs within 3 months which made her feel more energetic and confident again."

    - Neha Saxena

    “A housewife from Noida, she consulted Healthcircle complaining of hypertension, joint pains and backache, weighing over 100 kgs. She is now maintaining her weight at 80 kgs and is free from most complaints.”

    - Sumitra Tandon

    “Shreyas, a young boy doing his graduation in economics was losing his confidence and self esteem and was not able to play his favorite games due to his obesity. His mother enrolled him to healthcircle weight loss plan. After losing 23 kgs he is now leading a normal social life.”

    - Shreyas

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    Life with diabetes is a series of choices. When a person gets to know that he or she is suffering from diabetes, all that comes to their mind is a complicated diet which is boring and not too tasty. What are the healthiest foods? How much, what and when questions fill your days. Do not let diabetes dictate your life! Having diabetes does not mean that you must start eating special foods or follow a complicated diet.

    Even if you are genetically prone to getting diabetes, you can postpone the problem or not precipitate it at all if you choose to eat sensibly and exercise regularly. The secret to managing diabetes or diabetes treatment does not lie in a pill. If you want to control your sugar levels without depending on conventional medicines, follow a good Indian diet plan for diabetes, eat timely meals and incorporate mild exercise into your daily routine.

    At healthcircle we keep in mind that the right Indian diet chart for diabetic patient must fit into his schedule, while helping him improve blood glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol numbers and also help keep weight on track.

    There is no perfect diabetes diet plan, so including a variety of foods and watching portion sizes is the key to a healthy diabetes meal plan. We at Healthcircle put efforts in planning to fit your favourite foods into diet plan for diabetes.

    Sign up for a with our expert nutritionists and doctors to find out how easy it can be to manage this health issue and lose weight through natural nutritional therapy. Get a Healthcircle Diabetes Management plan made especially for you that adapts to your lifestyle needs.

    Here’s what a diabetes patient needs to follow –

    • Balanced meal
      Eating a well-balanced diabetes diet meal plan is the key mantra. A diabetes patient must take extra care to eat balanced meals. He must also exercise in order to manage blood glucose levels.
    • You can eat what your family eats
      A diabetic can eat the same food the family enjoys. But with some planning. It may take some planning to fit your favourite food into your Indian diet chart for diabetes. If you’re able to do that you will be able to manage blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The diabetes diet plan includes vegetables, whole grains, fruits, non-fat dairy products, beans, lean meats, poultry and fish. Watching portion sizes is key to a healthy diabetes diet.
    • Include fibre
      Including high fibre food in your diet can help control blood sugar levels. But, first limit your carbohydrate intake.Since fluctuating blood sugar levels can cause hunger pangs, irritability and low energy, always take complex carbohydrates having good fibre content for slow release of sugar in blood. High-fibre foods like whole grain chapattis, whole wheat pasta and breads, brown rice and green vegetables will help.
    • Diabetes and glycemic index
      Most diabetics use the glycemic index (GI) to select foods, especially carbs. Foods with a high GI are associated with greater increase in blood sugar than are foods with a low GI. However, low-index foods aren’t necessarily healthier, as foods that are high in fat tend to have lower GI values than some of the healthier options. Many factors affect the glycemic-index value of a specific food, including how the food is prepared and what’s eaten with it.

    Lifestyle Tips for Diabetes Treatment

    • Don’t skip meals or eat late because of work or long journeys
    • Cut back on portion sizes
    • Drink alcohol only in moderation – no more than one drink a day for women and no more than two for men. Know more about the connection between alcohol and diabetes
    • Reduce Stress, But How? Use relaxation techniques such as meditation, pranayama and yoga, or listen to music or take a short holiday. Stress lowers immunity level as it produces a hormone called cortisol, which can slow down your immune system. Stress also triggers free radical damage, which can upset blood sugar and make you age faster. So, how can you control stress?

    Even though diet can not cure diabetes, it can always help to manage the condition effectively. Lifestyle changes and diabetes diet plan can help reverse symptoms of type 2 and take you off the conventional pills . While Medication is often prescribed to patients, diet should be the first line of treatment for diabetes.

    So, focus on eating plenty of fruits, proteins, good fats and fibre, as help fight this health problem. Over a period of time, you will begin to notice the positive effects of these foods on your body.

    Get a personalised Indian diet chart for diabetic patient.

    1 Day Diabetic diet plan

    Here’s a generic diet chart for diabetes that’s easy-to-follow. All you need for it is in your kitchen already!

    • Early morning: 1-2 glasses of lukewarm water + lime juice + 1 tsp Methi seeds/powder
    • Breakfast: 1 bowl of sprouts or 2 no Besan Chilla or 2-3 no Egg Whites Bhurjee
    • Mid-morning: 1 glass of vegetable juice
    • Lunch: 2 jowar phulkas + 1 bowl of vegetable + 1 bowl of thin dal or curd + 1 bowl of salad
    • Evening snack: Green tea + Roasted chana or fruit
    • Dinner: 2 jowar phulkas + 1 bowl of vegetable + 1 bowl of thin dal / Roasted Chicken / Grilled Fish + 1 bowl salad
    • Post dinner: 1 glass milk + ½ apple.