Homeopathy Doctor & Nutritionist

Dr. Rashie Garg (Homeopathic Doctor, Dietitian / Nutritionist in Noida, India) is one of the best people to consult for any kind of diet, be it for weight loss, weight gain or any therapeutic condition.

With the understanding of medical science along with nutritional needs of body, she helps in natural weight loss through food, without any supplements of medicines unless highly recommended.  Safe healing with homeopathy and pure food is what your body wants and deserves.

She believes in holistic approach and natural healing of body through homeopathy and food. She is a weight loss expert, helping you shed your inches but not your health.

“Your Body is your true soul mate…Take good care of it. Invest in your health…”
Dr. Rashie Goel

Dr. Rashie Goel is one of the famous dietitian and nutritionist based in Noida.

  • Bachelors in Homeopathy Medicine and surgery from Delhi University.
  • Masters In diet and nutrition from IGNOU and Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education (DNHE) from IGNOU with the certificate of merit for the same.
  • Actively involved in conducting corporate health programs and writing articles for the health magazines.
  • She has done many live health shows with Zee TV.
  • Over 10 Years of experience and expertise in Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Sports Specific Nutrition Program, Therapeutic Programs, Cholesterol Management and Healthy Heart Diet.
  • Provides diet plans for Pregnancy, for Gym, for Overweight and Underweight Kids and Teenagers, for Anemia, Hypertension, and Kidney Care and for Boosting Immunity.
  • Formerly she was working Metro Heart as a Consulting Dietitian and now she is associated with Healthcircle clinic as Founder and Director.