Specialize in weight management programmes

Specialised advice to assist you in reaching your weight goals.

Weight Loss Diet

  • General Weight Loss Diet for Children ( Below 12),
  • Teenagers (13-19), Adults (20-55),
  • Senior citizens (55 and above) and
  • target weight loss Diet Plans.
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Diet Plans

Start within 2 days of enrolling for a diet plan

1 Month Plan

Rs. 4000

  • Suitable for 3-5 kg weight loss goal
  • 6-7 lifestyle-based meal plans
  • Weight assessment after every week
  • Guidance on the exercise
  • Health Tips alert
  • Weekly consultation with dietitian on phone/ whatsapp
  • Choice of calorie-levels (1200-1500 kcal)
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3 Month Plan

Rs. 10000

  • Suitable for 9 -15 kg weight loss goal
  • Underlying Medical condition taken under consideration
  • 21 lifestyle-based meal plans
  • Weight assessment after every week
  • Guidance on exercise
  • Prompt Query solution on whatsapp
  • Health Tips alert
  • Weekly Consultation with dietitian on phone/ whatsapp
  • Month end body measurements to assess visible weight loss
  • A choice of calorie-levels (1200-1500-1800 Kcal )
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About Nutritionist

Dr. Rashie Garg (Homeopathic Doctor, Dietitian / Nutritionist in Noida) is one of the best people to consult for any kind of diet, be it for weight loss, weight gain or any therapeutic condition.

With the understanding of medical science along with nutritional needs of body, she helps in natural weight loss through food, without any supplements of medicines unless highly recommended. Safe healing with homeopathy and pure food is what your body wants and deserves.

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